Meg Ashling photos by Jason Frank

“I realized that after nine years of trying to make it in the city, I was severely depressed and unable to concentrate on my creative goals because I was constantly feeling the collective angst and perturbation of the people around me. I’m a very sensitive person, and I’m easily affected by the energy of my environment. I find it hard to think when there are so many waves passing through me all at once. Since moving back to the country, I have found a lot of comfort in knowing that I can go for a walk outside and not see another soul, that I can sing as loud as I want and run around in circles and know that I won’t bother anyone. I feel so much closer to the nature spirits and I feel that I can receive and transmit messages from them without disruption from outside sources.”

Head on over to City Pages to see my interview this week with the very cool folk singer Meg Ashling, and contribute to the Indiegogo campaign to fund her upcoming album, The Prairie Pulled Me Under, here.