I’m not exactly sure how John Prine gets through this song without crying. Round on me if you find me a video or have a story of John Prine singing this song and sobbing. I wake up with this song in my head and I boo-hoo.

The Telegraph did a nice piece on Prine last month.  It mentions Bernie Taupin (and some of you might know how I feel about Bernie Taupin), songwriting, fishing, and maybe even a little insight into why one might choose a laugh over a boo-hoo. Prine says, “I was kind of shy as a lad, and a lot of things that made me laugh I found did not make other people laugh. I guess what I always found funny was the human condition. There is a certain comedy and pathos to trouble and accidents.”

And this: In his youth, Prine wrote a moving, poetic song about old age, called Hello In There. Is it strange singing it now being older? “Ah, while I am singing this on stage, I think I am still a young man. But I know what you mean, as I’m getting older I realise the words do feel differently and soon I will have to be singing Hello In Here.”